A technology that enhances sustainable development – News

The innovative technology for alumina industry to cut cost, enhance energy saving, and reduce red mud.

Through its unique and patented technology, IB2 is committed to upgrading the alumina refining process in partnership with alumina producers significantly promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and cost cut.

Technology :

IB2’s innovative technology will accelerate the sustainable development of the alumina industry by enabling alumina production to significantly increase the ratio of Al/Si, reduce red mud discharge and cut the use of caustic soda.

Business :

IB2 would like to fund or co-fund the IB2-driven refinement process renovation with investors/co-investors and alumina plants to advance IB2 technology applications.

IB2 Technology Breakthrough Highlights

  • 60% reduction in red mud
  • 70% reduction in caustic soda consumption
  • Majority of solid wastes recyclable

Application Case

This case is based on a typical samples of high-silica bauxite from Shanxi, China. The production line has a capacity of 450,000 tons of alumina per year.
In the table below, the far-left column is the compared items, the column in the middle shows the outcomes of the typical Bayer Process, and the far right column lists the IB2 tech-driven process

According to the results of the comparison, IB2 technology can significantly reduce raw material consumption. This advantage has resulted in a significant reduction in red mud discharge.

In addition, the by produced high-grade calcium silicate can become a key raw material in other industries.

IB2 Company Profile

IB2 was founded in France in 2014 with its headquarters in Paris. IB2 Board members Romain GIRBAL and Thibault LAUNAY are co-founders of Alliance Minière Responsable, a world-renowned bauxite company. Mr. Yves Occello, CEO of IB2, has 45 years of experience in the aluminum industry and has held senior positions in companies such as Pecini, Alcan and Rio Tinto. He is the founder of Amber Development.

Wanna learn who we are? https://ib2-bauxite.com/en/about-us/