An IB2 project in Shanxi province (China) – Press release

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An IB2 project relayed in Al Circle (2021/08/01)

“Alumina producers from low-grade Bauxite “iB2” plan to build an alumina refinery in China’s Shanxi province

IB2, the innovative technology developer, for the production of Alumina from low-grade bauxite will soon initiate feasibility studies for the construction of an alumina plant in China’s Shanxi province […]

The alumina experts are willing to commence the engineering work on its first alumina production unit in Shanxi province in northern China, as the company seeks to execute feasibility studies for about a year before construction […]. However, the unit will engage with Chinese industrials to refine low-quality bauxite, extensively available in the subsoil of many interior provinces and Shanxi is one of them, while for high-grade alumina has to import which incorporates Guinea.

The management team of iB2 is very familiar with Guinea, as CEO, Yves Occello, has been advising Guinea’s authorities and businesses about bauxite for years through his consultancy Amber Development, which is also iB2’s majority stakeholder […]

Besides China, iB2 is scanning for opportunities to use its technology in other countries with large quantities of low- to medium-grade bauxite which includes Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.”

Alumina producers from low-grade Bauxite “iB2”

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