Contract signed with a Chinese aluminum giant -Press release

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“The French company, pioneer with its ecological process for the transformation of bauxite into alumina, has just concluded a 22-year contract with the Senze group which wishes to carry out its green revolution.” 

This is how CHALLENGES sums up this historic breakthrough for IB2 in an article edited in July 2023.

The article highlights that the innovative and environmentally friendly IB2 technology has seduced a “major player in the Aluminum industry based in Shanxi in northern China since 2001” through :

  • “A positive impact on the environment” :

« With 54% of global production, China, which is a leader in the aluminum sector, has well understood the environmental challenges of this industry and the benefits it could derive both in the quality of its product and in terms of image. Better, on a purely geopolitical level, thanks to the IB2 process China has less need to import bauxite and can thus use its local low-grade bauxites. By becoming less dependent on foreign bauxite, it is in the process of constituting a real industrial sovereignty in the medium term. » Romain Girbal

  • “A model of circular economy”

“With IB2 and the exploitation of local bauxite, great opportunities are emerging for refiners: high-quality alumina production, an attractive economic model and a minimized ecological footprint […]: IB2 technology creates a co-product: the tobermorite, […], a green cement.”


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