Enrichment of the value chain – Article


“Enrichment of the value chain, from bauxite deposit to alumina production”

“The demand for aluminium is strong. Construction, high-end automotive production, aeronautics and household appliances are consumers. For more than 120 years, the Bayer process has been used to extract alumina, the basis of aluminum, from bauxite. At the cost of bulky waste – red mud – and with quality bauxite deposits that are becoming scarcer. […]

IB2, a solution with an environmental interest

[…] By radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite, this solution also becomes a virtuous alternative to the import of quality bauxite. This is because the ore transported by ship crosses the oceans. The trucks that load it at the dock to deliver it to the refineries travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, producing tons of CO2. At the end of the chain, the volume of red mud remains significant and the environmental impact of the import is heavy. […]


iB2 is an innovative, cost-effective technology that can be integrated into existing refineries

[…] Thanks to us, alumina refineries using low-grade bauxite can reduce their production costs by 40%. Lowering their production costs by 40% allows them to become profitable.” says Romain Girbal. The 10 specialists who have been working on this new technology for 4 years have devised a process that makes it possible to extract alumina with less bauxite, less caustic soda and 60% less red mud. […]

iB2-boosted bauxite has a double benefit

[…]  The IB2 team led by Yves Occello discovered that the iB2 technology generated a “co-product”: HSC. This appears during the processing of bauxite. Bauxite becomes doubly profitable: “iB2 does twice the job,” explains Romain Girbal. While alumina extraction is optimized, CSH is generated by this unique, zero-cost process. The principle of circular economy is therefore at the heart of this IB2 process.

Silicates are the basis for the manufacture of cement. Since then, iB2 has been increasing its contacts with bauxite/alumina manufacturers as well as with cement manufacturers to explore the potential of hydrated calcium silicates from alumina extraction. This by-product could thus replace certain ingredients to manufacture this building material, in a circular economy model.  Although bauxite residues – red mud – are difficult to find, CSH is now of interest to many trades. […]”

Excerpt from the article published in Forbes on August 03, 2020

Article :https://www.forbes.fr/brandvoice/romain-girbal-ib2-est-une-technologie-revolutionnaire/

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