IB2 exports its ecological know-how to China – Press release

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IB2 pioneering French company with its ecological process for the transformation of bauxite into alumina

“By proposing its method which makes it possible to reconcile ecology and heavy chemical industry with the production of alumina, IB2 quickly seduced the leaders of the Chinese company. After several weeks of negotiations IB2 and Liulin Senze Coal Aluminum signed a partnership on July 30, 2023 for a period of 22 years. […]


This technical innovation will revolutionize the aluminum sector. By radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite, this solution also becomes a virtuous alternative to the importation of high-quality bauxite that consumes very little CO2 emissions with trucks that load the ore transported by boat across the oceans. of the planet.[…]

With local bauxites and quality alumina production, IB2 has implemented an attractive economic model and a minimized ecological footprint. Bauxite becomes doubly profitable: Romain Girbal: “ IB2 does twice the job. While alumina extraction is environmentally optimized, the second positive effect is that IB2’s technology creates a co-product: tobermorite. This calcium silicate is the main constituent of cement after its hydration. Tobermorite is a green cement […]”

Exctract from the article edited in “LE POINT” -2023/09/12

Read the full article : https://www.lepoint.fr/stories/ib2-de-romain-girbal-exporte-son-savoir-faire-ecologique-en-chine-12-09-2023-2535067_3919.php

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