IB2: success story of a French industry – Press release

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Let’s glance back at at the stages of a success story in the bauxite and alumina industry

“After ten years of research, IB2 engineers, led by world-leading chemist Yves Ocello , saw their work rewarded. Last July, the French company, co-founded by Romain Girbal, signed a record 22-year contract with Senze Coal Aluminum Company, an aluminum giant in China. This new refining process developed by IB2 will revolutionize this sector by radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite with the result of considerable ecological gains. IB2, which is definitely on the rise, has even seen the Firmenich family office, one of the largest in Switzerland, enter its capital. Meeting with Romain Girbal who tells us about his success story which didn’t happen in a day.”

Extract from the article edited in La TRIBUNE – 2023 /10/23

Read the full article (FR) : https://www.latribune.fr/supplement/la-tribune-now/romain-girbal-fondateur-d-ib2-l-entreprenariat-est-un-match-de-boxe-981667.html

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