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IB2 announces launch of a breakthrough technology for low grade bauxite refining at Bauxite & Alumina Conference.
Romain GIRBAL, General Manager of IB2 , a Paris based innovative solution provider that works towards producing alumina with low grade bauxite announced the launch of an innovative and breakthrough technology for low grade bauxite refining during the Bauxite & Alumina Conference that took place in Miami, USA on 25-27 December.

An excerpt from the interview:

AlCircle: Tell us in brief about IB2 and its activities

Romain Girbal: Starting from the observation of both market trends and supply constraints undergone by some alumina refineries IB2 was founded in 2014 by Yves Occello to develop a disruptive technology solution for alumina refineries.

For the last 5 years, Yves gathered a dedicated team of 10 professionals with over 250 years cumulated experience in the bauxite and alumina industry to develop a breakthrough and easy to implement technology allowing alumina refineries to optimize the use of low-grade bauxite.

Our team of experts and engineers assist our clients in the implementation of our technology.

AlCircle: What is IB2’s breakthrough technology for low grade bauxite refining?

Romain Girbal: Curbed by environmental and financial constraints involved by the exploitation of low-grade bauxite, refineries have so far preferred to import bauxite.

IB2 technology was developed to optimize the use of low-quality bauxite and allow to produce the same amount of alumina with less bauxite, less sodium hydroxide and less wastes providing financial, environmental, strategic and technological benefits.

IB2 stands for the combination of Improved Bauxite and Improved Bayer. This combined approach allows alumina refineries to achieve great results and this is where IB2 is a real game changer for them: while securing their supply, refineries will adopt a profitable and environment friendly solution.

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