IB2 at the forefront of green industry – Press release

IB2 process contributes to a circular economy, transforming an environmental challenge into a tangible economic opportunity

“This bold French company is turning constraints into a springboard for innovation and sustainable growth in the aluminum industry.”

Key topics :

  • “Revolutionary process 
  • IB2 in full expansion
  • Green can turn to gold”

Extract from the article edited in FINANCIAL CONTENT- BUSINESS PAGE – 2024/02/02

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IB2: success story of a French industry – Press release

Let’s glance back at at the stages of a success story in the bauxite and alumina industry

“After ten years of research, IB2 engineers, led by world-leading chemist Yves Ocello , saw their work rewarded. Last July, the French company, co-founded by Romain Girbal, signed a record 22-year contract with Senze Coal Aluminum Company, an aluminum giant in China. This new refining process developed by IB2 will revolutionize this sector by radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite with the result of considerable ecological gains. IB2, which is definitely on the rise, has even seen the Firmenich family office, one of the largest in Switzerland, enter its capital. Meeting with Romain Girbal who tells us about his success story which didn’t happen in a day.”

Extract from the article edited in La TRIBUNE – 2023 /10/23

Read the full article (FR) : https://www.latribune.fr/supplement/la-tribune-now/romain-girbal-fondateur-d-ib2-l-entreprenariat-est-un-match-de-boxe-981667.html

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IB2 exports its ecological know-how to China – Press release

IB2 pioneering French company with its ecological process for the transformation of bauxite into alumina

“By proposing its method which makes it possible to reconcile ecology and heavy chemical industry with the production of alumina, IB2 quickly seduced the leaders of the Chinese company. After several weeks of negotiations IB2 and Liulin Senze Coal Aluminum signed a partnership on July 30, 2023 for a period of 22 years. […]


This technical innovation will revolutionize the aluminum sector. By radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite, this solution also becomes a virtuous alternative to the importation of high-quality bauxite that consumes very little CO2 emissions with trucks that load the ore transported by boat across the oceans. of the planet.[…]

With local bauxites and quality alumina production, IB2 has implemented an attractive economic model and a minimized ecological footprint. Bauxite becomes doubly profitable: Romain Girbal: “ IB2 does twice the job. While alumina extraction is environmentally optimized, the second positive effect is that IB2’s technology creates a co-product: tobermorite. This calcium silicate is the main constituent of cement after its hydration. Tobermorite is a green cement […]”

Exctract from the article edited in “LE POINT” -2023/09/12

Read the full article : https://www.lepoint.fr/stories/ib2-de-romain-girbal-exporte-son-savoir-faire-ecologique-en-chine-12-09-2023-2535067_3919.php

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Contract signed with a Chinese aluminum giant -Press release

“The French company, pioneer with its ecological process for the transformation of bauxite into alumina, has just concluded a 22-year contract with the Senze group which wishes to carry out its green revolution.” 

This is how CHALLENGES sums up this historic breakthrough for IB2 in an article edited in July 2023.

The article highlights that the innovative and environmentally friendly IB2 technology has seduced a “major player in the Aluminum industry based in Shanxi in northern China since 2001” through :

  • “A positive impact on the environment” :

« With 54% of global production, China, which is a leader in the aluminum sector, has well understood the environmental challenges of this industry and the benefits it could derive both in the quality of its product and in terms of image. Better, on a purely geopolitical level, thanks to the IB2 process China has less need to import bauxite and can thus use its local low-grade bauxites. By becoming less dependent on foreign bauxite, it is in the process of constituting a real industrial sovereignty in the medium term. » Romain Girbal

  • “A model of circular economy”

“With IB2 and the exploitation of local bauxite, great opportunities are emerging for refiners: high-quality alumina production, an attractive economic model and a minimized ecological footprint […]: IB2 technology creates a co-product: the tobermorite, […], a green cement.”


Read the complete article : https://www.challenges.fr/entreprise/ib2-de-romain-girbal-s-allie-avec-un-geant-chinois-de-l-aluminium_8630144

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Otium Capital invests €8 million in IB2 technology -Press release

Otium Capital invests €8 million in IB2, a technology which combines industrial innovation and valorization of resources

IB2 proposes a green and innovative technology allowing refineries to process and valuate low-grade bauxite ores, while reducing industrial wastes.

Seduced by this concept, IB2 is now joined by OTIUM capital, with the aim to accelerate its development.


Otium Capital invests €8 million in green industrial tech company IB2 to accelerate its development

18 Jan 2023  |  AL Circle   |

The green industrial tech company IB2 founded by Yves Occello, has developed a green and innovative technology allowing alumina refineries to process and valuate low-grade bauxite ores.

Many alumina refineries have so far chosen to import bauxite rather than utilize close-by local resources because the depletion of high-quality local resources constrains them. IB2 provides these refineries with a real alternative, making low-grade bauxite viable through its revolutionary and environment-friendly process.

Thus, beyond the financial and strategic benefits generated by IB2 Technology, refineries will dramatically improve their carbon footprint and fully participate in the circular economy. Indeed, the IB2 technology not only reduces wastes but also evaluates them through producing a highly sought-after co-product, especially by the cement industry: the tobermorite.

IB2 now has the tools necessary to hasten its development thanks to Otium Capital’s investment.

Yves Occello, the founder of IB2, said, “We are delighted to welcome Otium Capital to IB2. This investment validates the work accomplished by our teams over many years as well as the incredible potential of our technology.”

Romain Girbal, the Managing Partner of IB2, said, “With the arrival of Otium in IB2’s capital, we welcome a partner with whom we share the same vision of an industry that places the preservation of the environment at the forefront of its concerns.”

Pierre Ménard, the Partner at Otium Capital, said, “IB2 corresponds to our new investment pocket dedicated to the industry, which focuses on supporting innovative projects with high potential without dogmatism. We firmly believe that the future, particularly the energy transition, cannot be written without a massive renewal of the industry, which, far from popular belief, can combine innovation, profitability and respect for the environment.”

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An IB2 project in Shanxi province (China) – Press release

An IB2 project relayed in Al Circle (2021/08/01)

“Alumina producers from low-grade Bauxite “iB2” plan to build an alumina refinery in China’s Shanxi province

IB2, the innovative technology developer, for the production of Alumina from low-grade bauxite will soon initiate feasibility studies for the construction of an alumina plant in China’s Shanxi province […]

The alumina experts are willing to commence the engineering work on its first alumina production unit in Shanxi province in northern China, as the company seeks to execute feasibility studies for about a year before construction […]. However, the unit will engage with Chinese industrials to refine low-quality bauxite, extensively available in the subsoil of many interior provinces and Shanxi is one of them, while for high-grade alumina has to import which incorporates Guinea.

The management team of iB2 is very familiar with Guinea, as CEO, Yves Occello, has been advising Guinea’s authorities and businesses about bauxite for years through his consultancy Amber Development, which is also iB2’s majority stakeholder […]

Besides China, iB2 is scanning for opportunities to use its technology in other countries with large quantities of low- to medium-grade bauxite which includes Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.”

Alumina producers from low-grade Bauxite “iB2”

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Enrichment of the value chain – Article

“Enrichment of the value chain, from bauxite deposit to alumina production”

“The demand for aluminium is strong. Construction, high-end automotive production, aeronautics and household appliances are consumers. For more than 120 years, the Bayer process has been used to extract alumina, the basis of aluminum, from bauxite. At the cost of bulky waste – red mud – and with quality bauxite deposits that are becoming scarcer. […]

IB2, a solution with an environmental interest

[…] By radically transforming the use and profitability of low-grade bauxite, this solution also becomes a virtuous alternative to the import of quality bauxite. This is because the ore transported by ship crosses the oceans. The trucks that load it at the dock to deliver it to the refineries travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, producing tons of CO2. At the end of the chain, the volume of red mud remains significant and the environmental impact of the import is heavy. […]


iB2 is an innovative, cost-effective technology that can be integrated into existing refineries

[…] Thanks to us, alumina refineries using low-grade bauxite can reduce their production costs by 40%. Lowering their production costs by 40% allows them to become profitable.” says Romain Girbal. The 10 specialists who have been working on this new technology for 4 years have devised a process that makes it possible to extract alumina with less bauxite, less caustic soda and 60% less red mud. […]

iB2-boosted bauxite has a double benefit

[…]  The IB2 team led by Yves Occello discovered that the iB2 technology generated a “co-product”: HSC. This appears during the processing of bauxite. Bauxite becomes doubly profitable: “iB2 does twice the job,” explains Romain Girbal. While alumina extraction is optimized, CSH is generated by this unique, zero-cost process. The principle of circular economy is therefore at the heart of this IB2 process.

Silicates are the basis for the manufacture of cement. Since then, iB2 has been increasing its contacts with bauxite/alumina manufacturers as well as with cement manufacturers to explore the potential of hydrated calcium silicates from alumina extraction. This by-product could thus replace certain ingredients to manufacture this building material, in a circular economy model.  Although bauxite residues – red mud – are difficult to find, CSH is now of interest to many trades. […]”

Excerpt from the article published in Forbes on August 03, 2020

Article :https://www.forbes.fr/brandvoice/romain-girbal-ib2-est-une-technologie-revolutionnaire/

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A technology that enhances sustainable development – News

The innovative technology for alumina industry to cut cost, enhance energy saving, and reduce red mud.

Through its unique and patented technology, IB2 is committed to upgrading the alumina refining process in partnership with alumina producers significantly promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and cost cut.

Technology :

IB2’s innovative technology will accelerate the sustainable development of the alumina industry by enabling alumina production to significantly increase the ratio of Al/Si, reduce red mud discharge and cut the use of caustic soda.

Business :

IB2 would like to fund or co-fund the IB2-driven refinement process renovation with investors/co-investors and alumina plants to advance IB2 technology applications.

IB2 Technology Breakthrough Highlights

  • 60% reduction in red mud
  • 70% reduction in caustic soda consumption
  • Majority of solid wastes recyclable

Application Case

This case is based on a typical samples of high-silica bauxite from Shanxi, China. The production line has a capacity of 450,000 tons of alumina per year.
In the table below, the far-left column is the compared items, the column in the middle shows the outcomes of the typical Bayer Process, and the far right column lists the IB2 tech-driven process

According to the results of the comparison, IB2 technology can significantly reduce raw material consumption. This advantage has resulted in a significant reduction in red mud discharge.

In addition, the by produced high-grade calcium silicate can become a key raw material in other industries.

IB2 Company Profile

IB2 was founded in France in 2014 with its headquarters in Paris. IB2 Board members Romain GIRBAL and Thibault LAUNAY are co-founders of Alliance Minière Responsable, a world-renowned bauxite company. Mr. Yves Occello, CEO of IB2, has 45 years of experience in the aluminum industry and has held senior positions in companies such as Pecini, Alcan and Rio Tinto. He is the founder of Amber Development.

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IB2 announces launch of a breakthrough technology – Press release

“IB2 announces launch of a breakthrough technology for low grade bauxite refining at Bauxite & Alumina Conference.

01 Apr 2019  |  AL Circle   |

Romain GIRBAL, General Manager of IB2 , a Paris based innovative solution provider that works towards producing alumina with low grade bauxite announced the launch of an innovative and breakthrough technology for low grade bauxite refining during the Bauxite & Alumina Conference that took place in Miami, USA on 25-27 December.

“We are happy to announce that after several years of development and testing we came up with an innovative and easy to implement technology that will answer the multiples challenges faced by the industry. IB2 will allow alumina refineries to process low-grade bauxite generating less red muds and allowing huge operating expenses consuming less raw material,” Romain GIRBAL said.

A dedicated team of 10 experienced professionals with experience in Bayer process and diasporic bauxites have been working towards addressing multiple challenges faced by the alumina refining and aluminium smelting sector because of depleting bauxite reserve and also because of low quality or declining bauxite quality in the existing reserves.

The team has observed the growing demand for bauxite driven by growing aluminium production and consumption. Supply constraints of good quality bauxite have created problems for a number of alumina refineries despite the availability of bauxite. So the company worked on implementing a technology that would help extract alumina from low grade bauxite.

“IB2 was developed to allow the process and valuation of low-grade bauxite ores. Curbed by the environmental and financial constraints involved by the exploitation of low-grade bauxite, refineries have so far preferred to import bauxite. IB2 is real game changer for them: while securing their supply, refineries will adopt a profitable and environment friendly solution,” added Romain GIRBAL.

Edited By: Beethika Biswas

Read the article : https://www.alcircle.com/news/ib2-announces-launch-of-a-breakthrough-technology-for-low-grade-bauxite-refining-at-bauxite-alumina-conference-44566

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