Meeting the rise of aluminum – Article

Meeting the rise of aluminum and also offering green cement

– sustainable management of mineral resources – 

  • Aluminium demand is rising while high quality ores becomes rare

  • IB2 (Improved Bauxite Improved Bayer) company offers innovative solutions

    IB2 technology upgrades low-quality bauxite to a higher available alumina content, allowing refineries to extract more bauxite locally. IB2 technology also makes refinement more efficient and reduces red mud production.

    Additionally, the IB2 process produces Tobermorite, a valuable by-product often known as green cement, which can generate extra revenue.

  • 400 Years of Expertise: Revolutionizing Bauxite for a Greener, Sustainable Future.

Experts at IB2 bring a combined experience of 400 years. Some of us have actively contributed to the development of industry and others have co-invented several patents. But the main goal of us all has been the same: to make industries more efficient, sustainable, and greener. That’s what we aim to do with the bauxite industry through IB2.”  R.Girbal


March 27, 2024 – Article published by: Holy Minoza in “Chicago Journal”

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